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Iasi City is one of the oldest and one of the most important sites of the country, where there has always been strongly pulsated authentic Romanian life. The City, which is the Moldavian Capital, gave inestimable material and spiritual values to national patrimony, and has drawn glorious pages in the history of the country, lasting remained in people conscience.

1. General information about Iasi Town

Situated closely to the East bounds of Romania , Iasi will be after the integration, a main development pole of the East part of European Union.

Strongly University Centre, with over 60.000 students annually in 5 public Universities and 3 private Universities ( Al.I.Cuza University being one of the oldest from the country).

Strongly Cultural Centre (“Cultural Capital of Romania” saying frequently used) and Historical Centre (in 2008 will be celebrated 600 years of Iasi documentary attestation).

City with an impressive cultural and religious patrimony – over 50 churches, e.g. The “Three Hierarchies” Church, symbol of the City (Nicolae Iorga said that: “ Iasi is first of all, a church – The churches Church of our past”).

Multicultural City , where numerous Foreign Cultural Centers activates (French centre, German centre, Centre of Latin America, British Council) and also there can be found the Italian Community, Jewish Community.

2. Geographical co-ordinates –
Iasi Town , point of regional interest;

160 km, from Chişinău to Iasi ;
410 km, towards
Bucharest ;
460 km, towards 
Constanţa .

International Airport  – 8 km from City Centre
Railway Station–very closely to the City Centre.
Main Road  – DN 24 and DN 28.

Population of Iasi town (2006) 305.978 inhabitants from which:

  1. 145.077 - males
  2. 160.901 – females
Depending on gender term, it is determined (established) a certain female predominance (52,5% from the total(whole) towards male’s predominance(47,4%).
City map
Turism in orasul Iasi
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